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Dongguan Xin Tai Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

  Dongguan Xin Tai Glass Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Pearl River Delta Traffic center of Humen Town, Longan Village, to reach Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, in an hour drive. Company Floor Space14000square meters, standardized plant8000square meters, of which Bai Pe dust-free workshop100square meters, dust-free workshop2000Square meters.The company has advanced glass processing equipment: Bao-Luo cutting machine,CNCGlass Processing Center,22Grinding Head Edge Grinding machine, continuous tempering furnace, precision screen printing machine, large-scale continuous vertical coating production line, import hollow production line, professional commitment to high-end home appliances glass deep-processing, vacuum coating, hollow, precision screen printing as the core technology, adhering to: Quality First, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, continuous innovation of the quality policy, Strictly according to the International Quality certification systemISO9001:2008and environmental SystemsISO14001:2004Request the implementation, wholeheartedly for domestic and foreign customers to provide the best quality service.Main products: Refrigerator temperedLow-EThermal reflection of thermal reflective glass and ovenLow-EGlassLow-EInsulating glass (can automatically fill in argon), screen glass, human body fat scale conductive glass, conductive glass, hollow glass door, high temperature screen printing glass, color crystal glass and so on.Product application: Glass panel, human health scale/Electronic scale glass panel, microwave oven glass panel, oven glass Panel, wine cabinet in the open, display cabinet insulating glass door, room refrigerator insulating glass door, vending machine hollow glass door, etc., and to undertake energy-saving renovation project supermarket freezer.Business philosophy: Quality First, customer first, continuous innovation, integrity and win.
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