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Shaped curved steel glass
Shaped curved steel glass
Shaped curved steel glass

Shaped curved steel glass is a kind of light-shielding shielding device against electromagnetic radiation and anti-electromagnetic interference. It is involved in many fields such as optics, electricity, metal materials, chemical raw materials, glass, machinery, etc. It is widely used in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. Divided into two types: wire mesh sandwich type and coated type. It mainly solves electromagnetic interference between electronic systems and electronic equipment, prevents electromagnetic information from leaking, and protects against electromagnetic radiation pollution; effectively protects the normal operation of equipment and equipment, ensures the safety of confidential information, and protects the health of workers.

Shaped bent steel glass performance characteristics

(1) Prevent electromagnetic radiation pollution and effectively block the damage of electromagnetic waves to the human body

(2) Effectively shield electromagnetic radiation interference to ensure normal operation of instruments and equipment

(3) Anti-information leakage: Effectively shields the electromagnetic signal passing through the window to prevent information leakage and stealing.

(4) harmful to the human body , the absorption rate is greater than 75%

(5) With explosion-proof glass characteristics

(6) Reduce noise

Parameter Description

Shaped bent steel glass 1. Structure: The product is made of glass or resin and screened wire made by special process. It is synthesized under high temperature and high pressure. The color is divided into black, gray and yellow. The wire diameter and aperture of the screen are used according to the purpose. The difference varies. The perimeter of the glass is left with a screen mounting edge for connection to the frame and equipment. The size of the screen mounting side is determined by the structure of the user.

2. Maximum size: 3000mm × 1100mm Thickness: 1.8-24mm

3. Shielding performance: In the frequency range of 10MHz~3GHz , the shielding performance is ≥ 60dB .

4. Optical performance: visible light transmittance 30%-80%

5. Environmental performance: three defenses: dust, salt spray, mildew

Operating temperature: - 45 °C ~ + 60 °C

Storage temperature: - 55 °C ~ + 60 °C

The product has no bubbles and no glue in hot and humid environment.

Accidental rupture, the glass only cracks, does not splash.

7. The product complies with the requirements of GJB2713-96 "General Specification for Military Shielding Glass".