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Cleaning and maintenance of wine glass

Edit:DSG Advanced Material(Thailand) Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-07-08

The average person begins to taste the wines from the easy entry type, which means that the flavor of the wine is mainly fruit, the taste is approachable, and even the sweetness of the fruit is balanced to balance the tannins. This is the general entry style of red wine, easy to match a variety of foods, the price is moderate. The same is true for white wines. The average person likes the sweet Riesling or the fresh and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are easy to enter and should not be stored for a long time.

In addition to the reasonable price, the entry potential is very short, which means that it is unlikely to continue to mature in the bottle to the final quality. This involves complex terroir conditions such as the quality of the grapes and the location of the vineyards. The wines are usually made from medium-quality grapes, and their sifting capacity (stainless steel wine cabinets) is hampered by natural factors and should be tasted as soon as possible instead of being placed The wine cooler glass has been in use for more than 10 years.

In this case, the entry wine does not need to be placed in the wine cooler glass , and can be placed in the refrigerator at home for short-term storage. After opening the bottle, the wine must be preserved with vacuum wine. Its function is to remove the oxygen from the bottle and slow down the oxidation rate of the wine. These wines can be stored in the refrigerator for a week and the taste is still fresh.

When your taste begins to enter the stage of premium wines, the potential of these wines is also extended, and premium wines can last for at least 20 years. For example, when the vintage you bought is 2005 , if it is a bottle of premium wine, you may have to wait 20 years to taste it, because the wine needs to be matured in the bottle, the phenols are broken down, and finally Alcohol thickness.

These wines are mellow and mellow, with a complex flavor that makes them unforgettable. The storage environment of these wines has a major impact on the quality of the wine. For example, a high and stable relative humidity environment is required, and the temperature is maintained at 18 degrees. A large temperature fluctuation will cause the wine to heat up and shrink. Once the wine stopper leaks, the wine will be oxidized and infected by bacteria. These are not what the average family can't do, so a professionally designed wine cooler glass is needed to store these rich potential wines. The price of wine wine cabinets varies greatly, depending on your wine collection and collection period.


Wine glass cleaning

● For safety, unplug the power cord before cleaning.

Use a soft cloth or sponge, water or soap ( non-corrosive neutral detergent ) when cleaning the wine glass . After cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth to prevent rust.

●Do not wash the wine cooler glass with organic solvents, boiling water, washing powder or acid. . Do not damage the refrigeration circuit.

Do not rinse the wine cabinet with water when cleaning ; do not use a hard brush or steel wire to clean the wine cabinet.

The wine cabinet glass should be deactivated for a long time. It is necessary to cut off the power supply and clean it as described above. Open the glass door, dry the contents of the cabinet and seal it.


Wine cabinet maintenance

● Replace the activated carbon filter in the vent above the wine cabinet every six months.

● Clean the dust on the condenser ( metal mesh on the back of the wine cabinet ) every two years .

Please carefully check if the plug has been removed before moving or cleaning the wine cabinet glass .

● Replace the shelf every two to two years to prevent the safety of the solid wood shelf in the high humidity state and the safety hazard caused by the corrosion - custom wine cabinet business friendship pointed out!

● Wash the wine cabinet thoroughly once a year. Before cleaning, please pull out the plug and empty the wine cabinet, then gently scrub the cabinet with water.

● Do not place heavy pressure on the inside and outside of the wine cabinet. Do not place heating appliances and heavy objects on the top of the wine glass .

● After long-term storage, the humidity inside the box is large, and the wooden bracket is prone to mildew. The plastic wrap can be used to wrap the tray and then store the wine. Regularly disinfect the bracket wine cabinet to prevent mold.